About Us

We started in October 1993 from our back bedroom – this was pre internet where we had to courier all artwork and constantly phone people! We had a huge library of brochures and directories

Times change but we started with a few guiding principles that still endure:

    • Always give great service.
    • As we rely on repeat business, we buy well, keep our overheads low and are not greedy - making our prices very competitive.
    • We are ethical.
    • We only supply quality products.
    • If something goes wrong be honest and get it fixed quickly.

Over the years we have supplied many of the UK’s biggest companies directly or indirectly through agencies and we take pride in that we have never had a product rejected.

We have developed a great network of suppliers around the world so we save time finding the right products and we are RELIABLE – it’s worth saying twice RELIABLE

By staying abreast of the latest developments we ensure you will always get the most up to date products and ideas.

We hope you give us the opportunity.